Air Liquide Arabia (ALAR), based in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, is a joint venture company between Air Liquide and Saudi Industrialization and Energy Services Company (TAQA). The company was created for producing and marketing large volumes of industrial gases in the Kingdom, primarily via on-site plants and pipeline networks. ALAR invested well over $500 million in the Kingdom and currently has operations in Yanbu, Jubail, and Qurrayah, supplying customers with hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and argon. We offer critical industrial gas supply solutions to customers in the refining, petrochemical, and metals industries. Our various investments contribute to energy efficiency and conservation of the Kingdom’s natural resources, the development of downstream industry, reduced emissions, increased environmental performance, and employment opportunities for Saudi nationals via our hydrogen pipeline networks. Our priority is to provide its customers with industrial gas and energy solutions that are vital to their own industrial production, whether their production is metal, chemistry, refining or energy. We also offer technologies and solutions that enhance their performance through improved energy efficiency. Our unmatched network of production units and pipelines enables us to supply the world’s major industrial basins and guarantee our customers maximum reliability and uninterrupted supply of gas over the long term.