Corporate governance

Good governance is essential for creating an economic climate conducive to large-scale investments—leading to the long-term viability of business and the economic development of the communities where we operate. Strong corporate governance applied by TAQA is an essential and important part of the company's core values and it affects the way we steer our company toward growth and success. TAQA believes that the highest standards of corporate governance are mandatory to its business integrity, performance and sustainable growth mission. We are committed to have a sound corporate governance principles and practices.

Investor relations

Investor Relations (IR)is the link between TAQA, its shareholders, and potential clients, and it is the entity authorized to manage financial communications between the company and relevant authorities. The responsibility of IR is to develop and improve the relationship between the shareholders and TAQA by facilitating services and providing strategic plans that are revised annually in a way that is appropriate to the interests of the shareholders. IR is accountable for managing and organizing TAQA shareholders’ records of shares and the follow up of the delivery of dividend, that are approved by the General Assembly to be dispersed. Additionally, IR provides TAQA’s pertinent authorities with regular reports and circulars issued by the regulatory authorities and ensure their implementation. IR is mandated to prepare, process, and implement all procedures related to holding the Ordinary General Assemblies and the Extraordinary General Assemblies, as well as receiving and answering all questions and inquiries from the shareholders.

Investor contacts

For all your investment inquiries, please contact :