Social Citizenship

Social Citizenship

TAQA has a strong belief in the importance of contributing to social investment efforts. We are engaged in the community through vital sponsorship of events that support social causes. TAQA pays great attention to the subject of corporate citizenship. Corporate citizenship values are based on transparency, respect, fairness, trust and integrity and cover all stakeholders – shareholders, employees and consumers. The objective is to ensure the sustained success of the company. TAQA is committed to contributing positively to the wellbeing of our people, the environment, economy and society. We recognize that responsible behavior generates greater value for our stakeholders and earns us the trust of our employees, the communities in which we operate and our clients.

Human Capital

At TAQA, we take seriously our obligations to support and groom our human capital so that they can work in a safe and secure environment that protects their health, safety and human dignity. We also promote employee wellbeing through the provision of career growth and development opportunities because we believe in hiring and retaining the very best people.


TAQA is uncompromising in conducting its business in a legal, ethical and transparent manner. We are fully compliant with all of Saudi Arabia’s regulatory obligations. Maintaining integrity in everything we do on a daily basis has helped TAQA gain a reputation for trust and reliability, which we believe are two of the most important values in the pursuit of a sustainable business.

Community Involvement

TAQA takes pride in partnering with like-minded organizations in the communities where it operates to improve the wellbeing of our own people, and wider society. We keenly engage in fostering volunteer works, philanthropic events, sustained assistance for micro-projects,promoting health and wellness and empowering women and young people. We passionately work towards engaging with vendors who meticulously operate in a socially responsible business practices.