TAQA operates in heavy and often hazardous industries, and is committed to excellence through the disciplined management of its operations. We are committed to quality outcomes, by hiring and retaining the highest calibre individuals available and a highly customer-centric approach. Our businesses share our commitment to putting quality first, by making significant investments in their respective technologies, services and methodologies, ensuring that all of our customers receive the very best outcomes.


At TAQA, we firmly believe that we are individually and collectively responsible for advocating our social responsibility commitments. We serve the public good through innovative technologies and products and investing in sustainable and progressive business partnerships. This means that we have an innate responsibility to lead by example and continually improve in those areas of our business that are under our direct jurisdiction.
TAQA promotes and drives vigorous involvement by subsidiaries and affiliates, and it pledges to work closely with internal and external stakeholders to protect and support TAQA’s human capital and the communities we serve.TAQA’s operations are – and will always be – socially, ethically, and environmentally answerable.

Environmental initiatives

Portable Diesel tank initiative
Replace the current practice of using portable diesel tank by forklift and lift it up to use the gravity to fill up diesel tanks installed on rig equipment. ADC made the below design tanks with wheels and equipped with hand pump for refilling any equipment, this design has been approved by ARAMCO EDD & LPD. The design is under field test at this time.

The Current Practice
Using the fork lift to move the portable diesel tank and fill the other tanks / equipment using the gravity. (Not acceptable and needs to be replaced by alternate process)

The Proposed Tank.

  • The total capacity will be 1000 liter.
  • Height will be 1.5 Meters.
  • Special Hand pump with high flow rate which given 22L / Min
  • Special tires (Air less) no need to service, no need to increase tire pressure & special rubber under warranty for 25 years.
  • Front pad eye for easy hook and unhook the portable tank to the forklift
  • Side lifting pipe for lifting during rig move
  • Front wheel swivel
  • Secondary containment /Secondary retention/Grounding system/fire extinguisher/ Wheels brake system /Tool box /level indicator /English & Arabic labels

Mobile Drip Trolley

Cleaning the pipes casing or drill pipes can cause minor/moderate spills around the pipe racks. To avoid any spill ADC made a Mobile Drip Trolley to be used below the pipes while cleaning, it easy to move and suitable for the job.



  • To mitigate oil spill/ soil contamination
  • Easy to move as tire mounted
  • Easy to clean and handle
  • Environmental friendly
  • Long life compares to plastic drip pans

Potable Water Conservation using Water Savers Case Study :
Water consumption is increasing due to demographic growth and increasing social/economic development. The current rate of fresh water consumption is not sustainable as well as Saudi Arabia’s water need cannot be fulfilled with non-renewable waste water resources.

From this standpoint, our environmental team made a study to measure the use of potable water between the rigs that have water savers installed with the rigs that do not have this system in place. The results were good as using this technique may save an average of over 1 Million liters of water per quarter.

Potable water source

Potable water supplied to each location from Saudi Aramco approved water well conveyed in a cittern by water track and then stored inside potable water tank available at each location including rig and main camp site. The potable water served for daily consumption and use through a water line system to fulfill with personnel needs such as bath, using toilets, cleaning purpose and washing etc.
Case study at AD#31 & AD#51 :
Potable water consumption:
The below tables (Table 01: AD#31; Table 02: AD#51) shows the quantity of potable water consumed at two ADC rigs in the 1st Quarter of 2016.
Table 1: AD 31

Old system Total Average Daily Consumption(L) Total Monthly Consumption (L) Average Daily Consumption Per Person (L) Total number of POB Per Month
Jan 41290.32 1,280,000 431 2963
Feb 40827.58 1,184,000 418 2832
March 43354.83 1,344,000 434 3090
TOTAL Q12016 41824.24 3.8 M 428 8885
Average daily POB=100

Table 2: AD 51

New Total Average Daily Consumption(L) Total Monthly Consumption (L) Average Daily Consumption Per Person (L) Total number of POB Per Month
Jan 30,709.67 952,000 249 3820
Feb 28,000 812,000 272 2975
March 25,290.32 784,000 275 2843
TOTAL Q12016 27,999.99 2.5 M 265 9638
Average daily POB=107

AD#31: (Without Water Savers) :
• Average daily consumption per person for the 1st Q1=428 liter
• The total water consumed for the 1st Q1=3.8 Million liter.

AD #51: (With Water Savers) :
• Average daily consumption per person for the 1st Q1=265 liter
• The total water consumed for the 1st Q1=2.5 Million liter.

The estimated total daily person water consumption is:
• 100 liter (shower) +100 liter (hand wash) +140 liter (toilet flush tank +25 liter (toilet hand wash) = 365 liter per day.
• About 87.27% daily water consumption only for shower, hand wash and toilet flush tank and approximately 12.73 % for other purposes
• If we compare daily potable water consumption between AD#31 and AD#51 we can see the difference which is only due to AD -51 using water savers and low capacity flush tanks.
• The suggested solutions may save up to 1.3M Liters per Quarter for each rig at ADC
• A plan is to be put in place to install this technology at all ADC rigs. HSE department will prepare a plan and cost estimates to make these changes by Q3 2017.

Eco-friendly shower heads:

These shower heads use modern understandings of hydrodynamics to give an excellent showering sensation with efficient use of water. There are even shower heads suitable for low pressure piping systems, which when using conventional shower heads give an unsatisfactory flow.

Restrictors and aerators :

Restrictors are small devices fitted to shower hoses or wash-hand basin faucets to reduce excessive water flows. Models offer different levels of restriction, with water flows that typically range from 4 liters per minute to 15 liters per minute. Aerators are similar with the added advantage of agitating the water to create more air bubbles in it, both restricting and invigorating the flow.

Social citizenship

TAQA has a strong belief in the importance of contributing to social investment efforts. We are engaged in the community through vital sponsorship of events that support social causes. TAQA pays great attention to the subject of corporate citizenship. Corporate citizenship values are based on transparency, respect, fairness, trust and integrity and cover all stakeholders – shareholders, employees and consumers. The objective is to ensure the sustained success of the company. TAQA is committed to contributing positively to the wellbeing of our people, the environment, economy and society. We recognize that responsible behavior generates greater value for our stakeholders and earns us the trust of our employees, the communities in which we operate and our clients. TAQA will demonstrate its commitment in accordance with the three pillars that guide our strategic and operational approach:

Safe and Secure Environment

At TAQA, we take seriously our obligations to support and groom our human capital so that they can work in a safe and secure environment that protects their health, safety and human dignity. We also promote employee wellbeing through the provision of career growth and development opportunities because we believe in hiring and retaining the very best people.

Our Commitment to Society

TAQA takes pride in partnering with like-minded organizations in the communities where it operates to improve the wellbeing of our own people, and wider society. We keenly engage in fostering volunteer works, philanthropic events, sustained assistance for micro-projects, promoting health and wellness and empowering women and young people. We passionately work towards engaging with vendors who meticulously operate in a socially responsible business practices.