TAQA at a Glance

TAQA is a joint stock company partially owned by public institutions, in addition to several Saudi Arabian joint stock companies and prominent individual investors. It has majority stakes and oversees the management of a few fast-growing, highly successful and innovative businesses, with a remit to support and expand Saudi Arabia’s industrial base and local manufacturing capabilities.

The company’s portfolio of subsidiaries provides a wide spectrum of services that include seismic data and geophysical mapping, the manufacturing of world-class and highly innovative seamless pipes, drilling and drilling services, production and completion; and the provision of industrial gases.

TAQA is a primary catalyst for Saudi Arabia’s economic growth and diversification. We continue to look for new and innovative ways to maximize the value of our resources, pioneering those approaches and technologies that will ensure we are able to meet the demands of an ever-changing energy landscape, and continue to have a positive impact on the Kingdom’s economy for many years to come.

Our commitment to supporting the growth of Saudi Arabian energy and industrial companies reflects its role as a champion for ‘localization’, as a platform for industrial and economic growth and an enabler of job creation within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As a regional leader in oil field services, TAQA takes seriously its role as an industry leader in areas such as social responsibility, health and safety and the localization of industry; sharing the goals laid out in the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision.

We have an unwavering resolve to remain a consistent and dependable supplier of energy services and products for the long-term benefits of Saudi Arabia, our people, our customers and stakeholders. We will do so by focusing primarily on key strategic spheres: enhancing the company’s performance, optimizing efficiency and investing in our human capital. Ultimately, TAQA will be the energy that powers the nation and steers the engines of prosperity by unlocking the full potential of our natural and human resources.